Santa Ana Police Department Jail and Inmate Information

If someone has been arrested by Santa Ana Police the jailor will give you inmate booking number and bond amount.

I can get you arrest information, booking number, and the charges

Inmate information is free and very fast!

Call me now for information and the fastest easiest bail bond process possible! Toll free (714) 716-5035


Bail Bond Process *Simple 1 * 2 *3

  • 1)Fill out true online application from where you are sitting now on your computer. No printing, scanning or faxing needed
  • 2)Text or Email you ID
  • 3)Pay online with our secure server from our same site

What you need to know and compare before selecting a bail bond company

1)    Premium Cost:This is the amount the bond will cost. Our prices are unbeatable!

2)    Annual Premium Renewal Costs:A bail bond contract has a term of 1 year and then expires. You will be charged the premium again even if your case only goes days over the one year date.

We do not charge annual premium renewals so you will only pay once for this bond!

3)    Re-Write fees:After you are arrested by a police officer the District Attorney has 14 days to file a case against you. If they take longer than this to investigate or fail to charge you within this amount of time the court will automatically exonerate you bond. This means you will be out of jail without a bond. Once they decide to charge you a warrant will be filed with the charges and you will have to get a new bond. We do not charge for re-writes. If you use us for your bond we will re-write your bond if this happens for $150 posting fee and NOT charge you the premium again!

4)    Interest Costs:No interest is charged on payment plans!

5)    Posting Fees:No posting fee is charged to post your bond!

We are a licensed bail bonds company who will treat you professional and handle your case professional and confidential. We love what we do and it shows!

We are used and referred by over 70 Orange County Attorneys for a reason. Our prices are simply the best. California Bail Bonds are regulated by the department of insurance. The amount a bond can be written for is either 10% or 8% of the bond amount. We write Prop 103 rebates that can save you up to 25% on your premiums. You will not find a better price and will get unmatched service to go along with it. We work with you to find a payment plan that is reasonable because we understand that there are lots of other cost associated with your situation.

Booking and release time at Santa Ana Jail

The average booking time here is 2 – 4 hours and the average release time once a bond is posted is another 2 – 4 hours. If you post a bond while they are here at Santa Ana PD you will save hours of unnecessary booking and release time that will be added on should they be transferred to Orange County Mail Jail. If they are not bonded out and end up being transferred the booking and release times are generally 4-8 hours for booking and another 4 – 8 hours for release. Average time being closer to the 6 – 8 hours for each. This is why it’s important that we work quickly to post a bond while they are at Santa Ana Jail.

If you think you have a warrant call me now at 855-223-2423 to find out. We can post a bond on your warrant without you having to be present at the jail. This will recall the warrant without ever being booked or taken into custody. It will also give you a court date to attend with some time to prepare or interview attorneys for you case.


Santa Ana Jail does not house inmates and most people arrested will be booked here and then transferred to Orange County IRC Main Jail where they will have to be booked all over again before a bond is accepted. It is much faster to post a bond while they are still here at the Santa Ana Jail.

Contact US:

Chad Conley Bail Bonds
1633 E 4th St #102
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 716-5035

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