How Bail Bond Works

What You Must Know!

Who and what determines a person’s bail amount?

Who: If the defendant is out of custody and given notice to appear in court on charges the judge would determine if they will set bail or release the defendant without making them post bail on what would be called an OR Release. If the defendant is arrested on a charge and in the custody of the police or Sheriff Department the detention release officer would be the one determining the bail amount.

What determines the bail amount is based on several things. First it starts out with what is known as a “Bail Schedule” which every county has their own and the amounts will vary for the same charges county to county. This bail schedule is made up and or renewed every year at the beginning of the year by several judges within the specific county.

There are other things that are considered beyond the base bail schedule. The first two being the most important being risk to the community and likeliness to appear in court as instructed. The things that are considered to determine these are past arrest record, severity of the crime, prior court appearance record and ties to the community. Things they look at when determining ties to the community are length of time at your residence, own or rent, work employment history, children and length in local school district, married or single, length of time married, spouses ties to the community, location of parents and family, where you are originally from etc. To post bail visit Santa Ana Bail Bonds page.


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