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How long do I have to abide by the terms of the bail bond?

Generally the bond is exonerated at the defendants sentencing hearing. Which means that the bond company and cosigners liability is ended. An example is kind of like voiding a check.

The important thing to remember is that the bond is to assure the defendant appears in court and forfeiture of the bond has nothing to do with the defendant being innocent or guilty. The courts do not cash the bond based on the outcome of the plea or sentencing of the case. This means that if the defendant accepts a plea deal, is found innocent or loses at trial and get sentenced to jail time the bond is not forfeited. Likewise should the defendant be bonded out of jail and the district attorney not file charges or drop the charges the full premium is still due and if there was a payment plan all payments are still full due to the bond company. The full premium is earned the moment the bond is posted.


Where do I go to post the bond?

Depending on the bail bond company you may have to meet them to fill out paperwork or you may be able to post the bond from your home. The old way to post a bond was that you would either go to the jail to meet them, go to their office or they would come to your home. Some of the more up to date bond companies can either fax or email you the paperwork to fill out, sign, scan and email back or fax back along with your ID. Chad Conley Bail Bonds is one of the only bail bond companies that has a true online application process that you can fill out from the convenience of your home or where ever you are without going anywhere. You will not need to print, scan, email or fax with our true e-signature application process. You will simply go online from your computer or I Pad and fill out our application. You will take a picture of your ID from your phone, text or email this over and then you can safely pay online as well with our secure server website via credit or debit card. You will not need to leave your home, work or vacation and it can be done from any state.

What information do I need when contacting a bail agent?

This is what I would consider a loaded question meaning that there are very different answers to this one question. The shortest answer to this question would be just their name. However if you call a bail bondsman and only know their name it would raise a red flag for most and you would have to find one with lots of time on their hands to start searching every county and every police department one at a time without any other information.

There are three basic things that are generally used to locate someone. They are name, date of birth and who arrested them. This tells the bondsman who they are looking for and where to start looking.

There are several city police departments that do not book or house inmates and if they arrest someone that person is taken directly to county jail. Some police departments will arrest and take them to their local city jail and book them and if not bailed out very quickly will then be transported to the county jail. This is because they arrest and book but do not house inmates. Everyone arrested and booked at a local jail will be booked all over again when they arrive at county jail. It saves lots of time when an inmate is able to post a bond at the local jail.