Why Chad?

Why use Chad Conley Bail Bonds?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right bail Bond Company or bondsman. Most people that need a bond never even bother to consider much more than how much am I paying right now and when will the person arrested be out of jail, this is a huge mistake. If you are lucky then they are bonded out, you got the right price and there are no issues. This is not always the case and more often than not it is not this easy. On the other hand you could pay a company that does not bond the defendant out but takes your money, you pay too much or have a number of other issues along the way.

I will try to address some of the things that you should consider when selecting a bail bond company that will reduce the chance of problems and unknowns along the way.

First off take note that if you are only considering cost, the lowest down payment, who tells you they can get the defendant out of jail the fastest or the least amount of collateral you will most likely regret it. This regret may come during the middle of your case and you will be very limited on your choices and be at the mercy of the bond company. The bond company does not have to continue your bond for your entire case and can remove themselves from it and put the defendant back in jail at any time period! Now you may say wait a minute that can’t be true?! Well not only is it true but the defendant will go back to jail and will not only look bad but be forced to find another bond company to post a bond and pay all over again or sit in jail. Your recourse will be to take the bond company to court and ask the judge to have any unpaid premium returned and is likely to not happen. This means you will have to front the costs for another bond, pay an attorney to go to court to seek refund of premium and find a bond company that will bond the defendant out after another company has surrendered the defendant or ‘pulled their bond”

So let’s talk about what you should be looking for and the things you should be considering and comparing.

  • Premium amount; of course this is very important. This is what you will pay for the bond.
  • Payment availability; some bondsman will allow you to put part of the premium as a deposit and make payments on the balance of the premium.
  • Discounts known as rebates; Since all bondsmen on California can actually only write a bond at one of two filed rates 8% or 10% this allows you to pay less than that if they offer a Prop 103 rebate.
  • Bond Expiration; as all insurance contracts bail bonds do to. To every contract or insurance policy there is a beginning and an end date. Most bonds are good for one year and will expire. You will generally get a call from the bond company at about 11 months out asking how you plan to pay the premium all over again.
  • Bond re-assumptions; there are a few reasons that a bond can be exonerated of even forfeited by the court. Every bondsman has a different policy as to whether or not they will do a re-assumption or not. Example would be if you are arrested and the district attorney does not file charges within a couple of weeks the court will automatically exonerate the bond. This means that the bond is void and the bondsman is released of the liability of this bond. His premium is already earned the minute he posted the bond for you and you stepped foot out the jail so they can walk away. Should the district attorney file charges against you for the crime you were arrested for and already posted a bond for you may and will most likely need another bond to remain out of custody while fighting your case? Every bond company is different in how they handle this situation.
  • Re-write fees; this is similar to the re-assumption however there are time that your existing bond is not accepted and the court wants a new bond at a higher bond amount. Example; you are out on a $20,000.00 bond and accidentally fail to appear or are very late and the judge calls your case. You are not there so he orders a bond forfeiture and a warrant for your arrest. The judge can raise your bond amount at this point to $25,000.00 or $ 50,000.00. The bondsman may expect you to pay full premium for an entirely new bond or may charge you just the premium for the additional amount. Once the bond is forfeited the bondsman does not have to re-write the bond and your option is to start over with a new bond company and pay the full

Contact Chad Conley Bail Bonds to post bail today.


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